Aniioki A8 Pro Max 52V Only EU

Long-Range Electric Bikes | 1000W 60Ah
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+1 909-296-9922 (Pre-sale)

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Sun-Thur 4pm-1am (PST)


The Ultimate Choice For Long Range Enthusiasts

Go further, faster. The A8 Pro Max is a new generation electric bike that takes stylish performance and affordability to new heights, designed for taller and heavier riders.


Rated/Peak Motor

48V 60Ah

Removable EV battery

Up to 200+ Miles

Max Range

7 Speed

Gear Shifting System

350 Lbs

Max Load

Class 3


Powerful 1000W Motor

Get the thrill of riding with the A8's top-of-the-line motor which delivers power, torque, and range to suit every biking occasion. Powered by a top speed of 32 mph, easy climbing & quick acceleration.

Peak Motor:1400W

Torque Provided:100 Nm

Large Capacity Battery

The A8 ebike is powered by a 60Ah EV battery, which is higher quality than the 21700 battery for extra long range.The detachable design and 8A fast charging enable you to fully-charge the battery with ease in a short time.

Battery:52V 60Ah

Per Charge:100-130 miles(Throtte Mode)

4 Times Shock Absorption

The shock absorption system extends from the front hydraulic shock absorber to the rear spring adjustable shock absorption system.4 times more powerful shock absorbance than normal ebikes

3mm Thickness Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The 180 mm diameter disc brake stops the bike immediately and provides optimal control and riding experience without any accidents or panic.

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Advanced Anti-theft System

The advanced anti-theft system with integrated alarm ensures the safety of your e-bike. Ride with confidence and say goodbye to the worry of your bike being stolen.

Tail lights with brake lights

An integrated rear brake light for maximum road safety while riding.

Bright Motorcycle Headlight

Powerful motorcycle headlights illuminate the front 10 meters, improve the view, and enjoy the ride day or night.

Half Twist Throttle

The half-twist throttle makes it easy for riders of all skill levels to operate with minimal effort and coordination.

Comfort Like a Sofa

Ride in comfort with our ergonomic saddle. Enjoy hours of fatigue-free riding on your daily commute or adventurous journeys.

20''x4.0'' Fat Tires

Fat Tires maximizes the potential of your e-bike, providing greater stability, better traction, and an overall smoother ride.

Convenient Rear Seat Basket

Installs in just two steps, easy to install and remove the backseat basket and carry your belongings with confidence.


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