Aniioki A8 Pro Max 48V

Long-Range Electric Bikes | 1000W 60Ah
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Throttle Mode 110+ Miles EBike | A8 Pro Max

Embark on an extended-range journey with the Aniioki A8 Pro Max. Its taller frame and larger fat tires cater to taller and heavier riders, enabling versatile terrain exploration.


Rated/Peak Motor

48V 60Ah

Removable EV battery

Up to 200+ Miles

Max Range

7 Speed

Gear Shifting System

350 Lbs

Max Load

Class 3


Motor Performance Monsters

A8 Pro Max Ebike, equipped with a 1000W motor for a powerful and efficient ride. Experience the thrill of a peak motor value of 1400W, pushing the limits of what's possible. With 90Nm of torque, conquer any hill or obstacle effortlessly. Reach your destination faster than ever with a top speed of 32MPH.

Motor:1000W Rated Power

Torque Provided:90 Nm

Advanced and Durable EV Batteries

Upgrade your Ebike battery experience with the A8 Pro Max. Featuring a premium 48V 60Ah EV battery, US UL-verified and removable, this bike offers superior performance. With a capacity of 2,880Wh, it provides a range of over 100 miles using the throttle and over 200 miles with pedal assist. Enjoy up to 1000 charge cycles before capacity loss.

EV Removable Battery:48V 60Ah

Quick Charge:8A Smart Charger

Throttle Mode Range:100-130 miles

Comfortable and Stable Riding Experience

Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with our fully upgraded front shock absorber and adjustable rear spring shock absorber. Experience reduced bounce and vibration on rough or uneven surfaces, minimizing muscle and joint fatigue. Ride for extended periods without discomfort.

Advanced Anti-theft System

Ensure the security of your e-bike with our advanced anti-theft system. The A8 Pro Max Ebike features an integrated alarm that detects any unauthorized touch. Ride with confidence and bid farewell to worries about bike theft.

180*3mm hydraulic Disc Brakes

Enhance safety and control with hydraulic disc brakes on our electric bikes. Enjoy unparalleled braking performance in both dry and wet conditions for better control and faster response in emergencies.

Tail lights with brake lights

Enhance safety and visibility on the road with our electric bicycle taillights, which double as brake lights. Signal your stops and slowdowns for confident riding.

Bright Motorcycle Headlight

Ride safely in low-light conditions with powerful motorcycle headlamps. Illuminate up to 10 meters ahead for enhanced visibility and enjoyable riding, day or night.

7 Speed Gear Shift System

Ride in comfort with our ergonomic saddle. Enjoy hours of fatigue-free riding on your daily commute or adventurous journeys.

Comfort Like a Sofa

Ride in comfort with our ergonomic saddle. Enjoy hours of fatigue-free riding on your daily commute or adventurous journeys.

20''x4.0'' Fat Tires

Maximize your e-bike's potential with fat tires that offer more stability, better traction, and an overall smoother ride. Enjoy the great outdoors with confidence and comfort


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