An Ebike Designed for Outdoor Travel

Aniioki is a production factory specializing in electric bikes, we have our own team of designers and all of our electric bikes are patent protected in their design. We are committed to meeting your outdoor travel needs, from long-distance trips to off-road adventures, and are definitely suitable for those who wish to go on wilderness adventures or long-distance trips.


Trusted by Over 8,000+ Customers

Aniioki has sold over 8000+ since its inception, join our VIP group and share your riding fun with more customers!

Why Choose Aniioki Ebike?

Superior Quality

We use only high-quality parts that are individually sourced by our expert engineers and designers.

Leading Technical Innovation

Our Research and Development team is always looking for its next challenge. Our passion and forward-thinking approach allows our technology to lead the industry and define future trends.

Exceptional Design

While we want our ebike to work perfectly, we also want them to look exceptional. Our in-house designers take their task with the utmost seriousness and set out each day to design the best looking ebike on the market.

Safety and Reliability

All components of our ebike go through rigorous testing to assure quality. This helps to guarantee the high standards of our products and the safety of our riders which is our utmost concern.

First Class Customer Support

We care. Above else, we strive to make all of our customers happy. At ANIIOKI, we promise to put the customer first and give everyone the best experience possible, both before and after purchasing.