AQ177/A8 Ebikes Charger(Upgraded version)

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Product description

Keep a spare anytime, anywhere! Upgraded version of the AQ177 Pro Max Ebike charger / A8 Pro Max Ebike charger

  • The Aniioki Battery Charger utilizes a standard AC power cable that plugs into any household or garage 110V AC wall socket.
  • Lectric eBikes can be charged by simply inserting the plug into the battery port.
  • Simply remove the plug when the charger light turns green.
  • Each charger comes with built-in safeguards and will automatically turn off when charging is complete.
  • Spare chargers will arrive in a separate package.
  • Our chargers equip with reverse polarity protection, output short circuit protection, output overvoltage protection, and battery isolation protection to prevent instability factors during the charging process.


  • 100-120VAC,50/60Hz,8.5A
  • 100-120VAC,50/60Hz,20A


  • 54.6Vdc 8.0A
  • 54.6Vdc 14.0A
  • 58.8Vdc 8.0A
  • 58.8Vdc 14.0A


  • 54.6V 8.0A charger/54.6V 14A charger (suitable for AQ177 Pro Max 48V electric bicycle/A8 Pro Max 48V electric bicycle)
  • 58.8V 8.0A charger/58.8V 14A charger (suitable for AQ177 Pro Max 52V electric bicycle/A8 Pro Max 52V electric bicycle)

8A charger VS 14A charger

  • Charging SpeedThe primary difference between these two chargers is the speed at which they recharge the battery. The 14A charger is capable of delivering a higher current, leading to a faster charging time compared to the 8A charger.
  • Charging Time: Since the 14A charger provides more current, it will fill the battery faster than the 8A charger with the same battery capacity. In other words, with a 14A charger, the battery will take less time to fully charge than with an 8A charger.
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