7 E-Bike Tips to Maximize Your Ride

With the popularity of electric bicycles, the ebikes are becoming more and more popular. Because compared with cars, electric bicycles are more in line with people's concept of green environmental protection. Ditch your gas-guzzling car and ride an electric bike to reduce your carbon footprint while making your life more exciting. People use them to commute, enjoy adventures, get around town, and more.
E-bikes are a great form of transportation, but how do you make your e-bike last longer? This article will summarize some small tips to make your electric bike more durable.


1. Avoid Letting Your Battery Die Entirely

A drained battery has the power to ruin a perfectly good sunny day—and we want to help you avoid that unfortunate situation as much as possible. So, we suggest getting into the habit of charging your battery after every single ride, no matter how much juice you used or how short your cruise was. Because if you let your battery fully die, it can become damaged or, in the worse case situation, totally unusable. You might even find that if you’re down to the last bar of battery (according to your display), the power output may be limited to preserve its use.

We also recommend heading out for a ride with a full battery charge, for your maximum enjoyment and safety, which is why it’s so useful to get in the habit of charging after each ride. It can take anywhere from 5 to 7 hours to get a full charge and you never want to leave your battery plugged in (and left unattended) for more than 12 hours.

Yes, your battery pack requires quite a bit of extra thought and care, but it’s worth it, since your ride wouldn’t be quite as fun without it.

2. Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly

We know, this definitely isn’t a fun tip or trick. But it’s a relatively easy and quick maintenance that’ll save you a headache down the road. Because no one wants to be stranded in the middle of nowhere, on the side of the road, at the start of a huge hill, with a flat tire.

You might not find it necessary to check your tires before every ride, especially if you’re just taking a spin around the block, but it’s good to get into a regular pressure checking routine. And to make it a requirement before embarking on a really long trek.

Exactly how much air should you be putting in your tires? That information can be found printed on the sidewall of your tire…but it can also depend on where you’ll be riding and what tires you’re riding with.

One more thing: Be sure to use a standard bicycle pump. You don’t want to over inflate (or you’ll run the risk of a burst tire) or under inflate (which could lead to loss of control), so stay vigilant with how much air you’re putting in.

3. Stay Seated to Maintain Your Battery Status

Did you know that standing while pedaling can affect how much power your battery needs to provide? So can turning excessively or leaning too intensely.

Since e-bikes naturally have a lower center of gravity, anything that throws off that delicate balance requires your motor to work even harder. This also adds to less stability and in effect, less control you’ll have over the bike.

While you can definitely stand up, stretch those legs a bit and really get into the ride, you might want to keep this in mind towards the end of your day when the battery might be running low on power or on longer trips when saving the battery pack is your key concern. Along with having fun, of course.

4. Use Pedal Assist On-the-Go

There’s absolutely no need to stop to adjust your pedal assist when commuting on a ANIIOKI e-bike. We put the Thumb Throttle on the handlebar so you can simply and easily increase or decrease the speed with just the press of a button while you riding. When you push the button to adjust the speed, the power kicks in with just one turn of the pedal. Our initial setting is a fixed speed, you can set the speed that suits you, and get used to the feeling of extra assist in the ride, you will quickly love the comfortable riding style.

5. Keep The Pedals Off The Ground While Hitting Turns

No one wants a damaged bike, which is why you should be really cognizant about trying to keep the pedals off the ground as much as possible while hitting turns. It’s really easy to scrape your pedals on the ground while e-biking, especially if you’re really leaning into those curves. The simplest way to avoid these scratches and scrapes is to simply not pedal while you ride out the entirety of a turn. Keep the pedal on the inside at the noon position and have the pedal facing away from the turn at six o’clock. This will keep those pedals safely out of the ground’s way…or vice versa.

6. Pedal Faster When Approaching Hills

However, you are going to want to really hit those pedals while you approach hills with pedal assist on. You’ll notice that you won’t have to pedal harder, simply faster. Just make sure you’re in the correct gear to climb the incline and let the pedal assist do what it does best—provide a smooth, powerful ride without too much effort from you.

7. Nail the Smooth Stop

If you want to extend the life of your brakes and your brake pads, this is an important tip to keep in mind. Smooth, even stopping—with a light touch—will not only make for a more enjoyable ride but it’s also a good practice to ensure the health of your bike. While you should always cycle as safely as possible, it’s also best to use your brakes only when you need them and avoid hard stopping when you’re not in an emergency situation. When it’s possible, try coasting at very low speeds rather than coming to a full stop (again, only when it’s safe to do so). This focus on better braking will also improve your e-bike’s energy levels. Think about it, if you are braking more often than you need to, you’re using a lot of energy to regain speed and get riding once again.

The above are some small tips for the maintenance of electric bicycles. If you have any other questions about ANIIOKI Ebikes, you can contact us at any time.
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