How to buy a fat tire bike

How to buy a fat tire bike

What is a Fat Bike?

Fat biking (or fat tire biking) was invented, you could say, in Alaska back in the late 1900s, but it really started to become popular in the early 2000s.  Since then, the number of fat bikes you see on the trails, even when the weather is just fine, has really grown. The bar for what we consider to be the best entry level bikes fat bikes has really been raised.

Fat bikes give cyclists a way to get outside and ride in terrain that would stop most other bikes in their tracks, including most mountain bikes.  Fat tire bikes have been known to cruise for miles on a frozen lake, a sandy beach, or along a rural bike trail that might not be cleared for weeks. No problem if you are on a fat bike.

Buying Guides For Fat Bike Road Tires?


Fat bike tires cost more than tires of a more conventional width. It is because they are still a newer, niche product. However, replacing your tires is a simple and inexpensive way to improve the way your bike feels compared to other upgrades.


All of the fat bikes from the first generation had 26′′ wheelbases. Therefore, the 26-inch diameter is the most typical, while some new fat bike frames are starting to use the 27.5-inch fat wheelbase. Additionally, some fat e-bikes have shorter (20′′) wheelbases. The widest tire is economically feasible for 29′′ rims around 3 inches, which refers to a Plus-sized tire.

Air Pressure

Fat bike tires do not require the same high pressure as ordinary bike tires because of their enormous volume. Fat bike tire's air pressure impact performance and various suitable pressure for riding styles. With fat bikes, going as low as possible is, and 8-10 psi is the usual target.

For summer trail riding, a decent fat bike tire pressure should be between 11 and 16 PSI. The suspension and traction offered by this range are respectable, and the rim is kept from dents.

Reputable Manufacturers

Few fat tires are available from most major tire manufacturers, but some models stand out. A manufacturer of fat-specific tires with a focus on winter tires is 45NRTH. For severe weather, they have a selection of studded tires.

Another manufacturer specializing in fat tires is Terrene, which offers a wide range of widths and diameters. To go with their fat frames, Surly produces a good assortment of fat bike tires, and they were the first company to do so. Over the past few years, several other tire manufacturers have gradually increased their fat options. Teravail, Maxxis, and Vee offer High-quality fat/plus tires.

Tubes or Tubeless Tires

Tubeless and tubes can both be used with fat bike tires. Both have a few advantages.

Tubes tires pros

They are easier to maintain and make changing tires much simpler, plus they do not require any dirty cleanup. In general, using tubes is less expensive than installing tubeless tires. Because no liquid can freeze, tubes perform better than tubeless in cold temperatures.

Tubeless tires pros

You can use lower tire pressures that lower the risk of a flat and improves traction. Particularly in very wide diameters that call for enormous tubes, lighter than tubes. When there is a tiny puncture, tubeless tires will fix themselves spontaneously. You can quickly repair large holes without removing the tire from the rim.


A fun mode of transportation is a fat bike. The fat bikes offer good traction on uneven ground and enable sports enthusiasts to exercise effectively even when the ground is covered in snow. Riding a fat bike is sure to draw attention from friends and family since they are not common in some places.

Sports enthusiasts have earned the right to at least try on fat tire bikes if not buy them from the store because of their distinctive features. Fat tire bikes are the best option for the average biker who needs a bike for basic transportation requirements because they do not require much maintenance.

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