Care and Maintenance of Your New E-bike After Purchase


For your e-bike, you should also take note of the following
1. You should avoid parking your e-bike in exposed areas whenever possible.
2. You should check the effectiveness of the brakes before each use.
3. Do not use high-pressure water streams to clean your e-bike, as water might seep inside the motor or the wiring compartment and cause rusting of electrical parts or short circuits.
4. Avoid parking your e-bike outside when there is rain or snow. At the end of a trip where there was rain or snow, bring the e-bike inside and use a clean, dry towel to eliminate any wetness.

In general, you should take care of your e-bike the way you would with a regular bicycle by keeping it dry, clean and the moving parts well lubricated.

Before and after each ride, please follow these actions
1. Check the alignment of the wheels.
2. Check the charge status of the battery.
3. Check whether the brake function is normal.
4. Check the tires for any punctures.
5. Store your bike carefully in a clean and dry place.
6. Check that your stand is securely fastened.
7. Check for loose cables or wires that may strain when turning the front wheel from the left to the rig.

It is recommended to check the following every one to two months
1. Check that the handlebar and saddle post are correctly inserted and tightened.
2. Check that the wheel hub mounting nuts are correctly tightened.
3. Check that the wheel rims are not cracked and that no spokes are loose or broken.
4. Check that the tires are not worn or cut.
5. Check that the tires are correctly inflated.
6. Check that the battery contacts on the frame are not dirty or oxidized.
7. Check that the batteries are sufficiently charged.
8. Check that the front and rear brakes are working correctly.
9. Check that the cables are sufficiently greased, and that the brake pads are in good condition.
10. Check that the frame welds are in good condition, and are free of corrosion or oxidation.

Quarterly (or approximately every 750-1500 miles)
1. Check out all items in the monthly service list above.
2. Check tire tread for excessive wear. Replace if necessary.
3. Check that electrical connectors and cable housings are clear of moving parts and not damaged. Replace if necessary.

Special care for the battery and the charger
1. Use only the supplied charger to charge your battery. Do not use an unauthorized substitute.
2. Do not open or alter the battery or the battery charger.
3. Do not place the battery near fire or corrosive substances.
4. Do not immerse in water or other liquids.
5. Avoid subjecting the battery from high temperatures for prolonged periods of time, such as directly under the hot sun.
6. Improper use of the battery will damage the battery and shorten its useful life and may cause a fire or an explosion.
7. Keep the battery out of extreme temperatures.
8. Do not short circuit the discharge/charge terminals of the battery.
9. Do not leave the battery charging overnight, or for long periods of time.
10.To avoid damage to the battery, do not subject it to intense physical shock, severe vibration, or strong impacts.
11. Do not expose the battery to water or other moisture. Protect the discharge/charge terminals from rain or water logging.
12. Keep the battery away from children.
13. When the battery is not in use for an extended period of time, remove the battery and store it safely.
14. Do not disassemble the battery.
15. If the electric bike is not used for a long time, the battery must be fully charged after the last use.After fully charged, remove the battery and store it in a cool dry place.

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